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Personal Quote: I'd rather be warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.
Just a little something I was thinking about while in the shower...

Victim or Victor?

Here in this world a darkness is growing.

It has always been so,

but now it seems that it is truly taking hold.

I have seen the haunted faces of rape survivors.

I do not want that to be me.

To endure that kind of trauma,

and have it constantly repeat,

Whenever someone I love reaches out to touch me,

Only to have me flinch away

as the memory replays.

Should it happen to  me...

Should I be the victim or the victor?


I have heard of people being raped and then killed, or vise versa.

I do not want that to happen to me.

But should I see someone walking towards me with weapon in hand,

be it gun, knife, or hammer...

Their intent is clearly seen...

Should I not shoot?

Their blood will be on my hands,

my first kill for survival and those scars will be mine to bear.

Should I let  them have their way with me,

won't the scars be worse If I survive?

But to shoot, I will have consolation that one less scumbag walks this earth.

One less scumbag will walk this earth...

I will have rid the world of this one,

and saved those who would have come after.

For villainy never stops at just one,

It is never satisfied with just one...

If I shoot I will be an unsung hero.

a life for many lives..

Even so, That one life's blood will be on my hands...

 That one's life blood is on my hands.

For good or for ill, it's blood is on my hands.

Which should  I choose to be the victim or the victor?

Should I be the victim or the victor...


The gun is at my side ready for me to choose.

 I have trained fervently against  this day.

But as much as I hoped I would never loose,

My time has come.

 Which should I choose?

He is approaching me,

I can see clearly the loathing fire in his eyes...

The knife is in his hands,

The blade glinting in the sunlight.

Should I be the victim or the victor?


Shouldn't I be allowed to choose?

  • Listening to: my computer humming
  • Reading: fruits basket
  • Watching: movies and cartoons
  • Playing: mind games
  • Eating: food
  • Drinking: water

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